Temp user profile after Windows 10 upgrade

If you update a Windows 7 (8?) computer to the latest Windows 10 the current profile will work just fine. But I could happen that every other already used user profile on this computer is in the regitry but not in the user directory (check this in the %systemroot%\user directory). Windows 10 „thinks“ it’s a already known user profile but can’t find the user files. So it create a temp user profile.
The solution is to clean the profile list within the registry. Make a backup before you start and know what you are doing! Login with the working user. Start regedit and browse to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/ProfileList. The you click on every subregistry key. The ProfileImagePath gives you a hint which user profile this subkey is. Delete the subkey from the user which don’t work (temp profile). Logout the current user and try to login with the „new“ user account. It should work now.

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