Install ssh2 in php 5.5.3

I needed SSH2 authentification in php for the wordpress autoupdate function on my new server with ubuntu 13.10. Well it sounds easy just to install ssh2 and everything works fine but it costs me some time …

First I installed ssh2 extentions with this command

apt-get install libssh2-php

Restarted apache, even rebooted the server but php -m | grep ssh2 gives me no output. The ssh2 php extentions just dont work.

After some try and error I found a solution. I had to move the /etc/php/conf.d/ssh2.ini to the directory /ect/php/mods-available with this command

mv /etc/php/conf.d/ssh2.ini /ect/php/mods-available

After this I had to enable the extention within php with this command

php5enmod ssh2

Restart apache with

service apache2 restart

And test again with php -m | grep ss2 It should work now 🙂

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